• River cruising key in hand

    With Over 15 Years of experience ,our   Company  is  specialized in the contracting  of river cruises ,on board services coordination and the operation of all land services. 
  • We search  for the ideal  boat ,We create the route

    Your Cruise Product
    A Sure Success

    With over 15 years of experience, We know the main river shipping companies and work periodically with them. 
    We will help you  find the right shipping company, the right boat for your client.
  • Guides on board, services on arrival

    We not only create the route, but also provide with our own team on board: guides, cruise managers, and local services etc.


    All adaptable to your idea of travel and in your language

Everything needed for your River Cruise.

One Step away from a Perfect Trip

Our company provides expertise in the contracting and operation of river cruises. As well as creating itineraries and travel concepts, we also advise how to make your next operation with groups or incentives, as trouble-free as possible.

Large network of contacts of river shipping companies.

Creation and Supervision of River Cruise Operations.

Guarantee of our own team on board: Cruise Manager, Hostess, Guides etc (in any language required).


Bilbao / San Sebastian 

The so known "Pearl of the Cantabric Sea". The best destination for an extension on the Garonne River 

or even as extension from Madrid or Barcelona.

Madrid (Capital city)

This city match the best of each corner of Spain, the perfect pre or post extension from the Dour or even as extension from Barcelona. 

Barcelona (Cataluña)

An Icon of the modernism. A treasure of the medieval time. With the new constructions for the Olimpic Games. This a must to visit in Spain. Perfect pre or post extension for your Rhone Cruises. .